Welcome to Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit!

We believe that we are stronger together, and weaker when divided. We believe that great ideas should be shared. We believe in the Baltic Sea as a bond, not an obstacle. We believe that Coastal World Heritage sites around our common sea should cooperate more, not less. This is why we have created Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit.

Are you a World Heritage Coordinator, a leading politician or a manager in the public sector of a coastal World Heritage Site in the Baltic Sea area? We believe in you. We want you to join us at Baltic Sea World Heritage in Karlskrona. Come and shape the agenda together with us. Come and shape the future!

Sandra Bizzozero
Mayor of Karlskrona

Who is this meeting for?

Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit aims at gathering representatives from all coastal World Heritage sites around the Baltic Sea. The participants are World Heritage Coordinators, officials and politicians from the municipalities or regions, representatives from other organizations or businesses involved in the world heritages and representatives from the tourism industry.

If you are a leading representative from any stakeholder och business involved in the coastal world heritage sites in the Baltic Sea region, this summit is for you.

Please note that there is a limited number of available tickets for the summit.

Former Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt will participate in the conference.

Preliminary Agenda

We create the agenda together with you. That is why we have added “You own the Agenda”, with time for you to lead the conference or talk about the work done in your World Heritage.

  • Tuesday, September 24

    Location: Skeppsbrokajen 4

    • 11.00-14.00 Registration, mingle and have lunch
    • 14.00 Inaguration of Baltic Meeting Point 2019 by the Governor of Blekinge Sten Nordin
    • 14.30 You own the Agenda - Three slide update. Each World Heritage site presents themselves on three Powerpoint slides for 3 minutes
    • 15.30 You own the Agenda
    • 16.00 Coffee break
    • 16.30 World Heritage as a motor for sustainable business development. Representative  from Lake District in England
    • 17.30 Disaster Risk Management
    • 18.30 End of day 1
    • 19.00 Joint dinner for those who wish (outside of the summit agenda) 


  • Wednesday, September 25 (joint day with Baltic Meeting Point)

    Location: Blekinge School of Technology

    • 08.30 Bus from the hotels
    • 09.00 Good morning and recap from yesterday
    • 09.30 Yngve Bergqvist, founder of Icehotel
    • 10.30 Coffee break
    • 11.00 You own the agenda
    • 12.00 Panel: Using your local assets to create an attractive destination for tourists
    • 12.30 Lunch
    • 13.30 Fredrik Reinfeldt, Former Prime Minister of Sweden: international cooperation and the leadership required
    • 14.30 Round table discussions on international cooperation
    • 15.00 Coffee break
    • 15.30 Åsa Trulsson: “commerce and cooperation around the Baltic Sea: lessons from a 1000 years ago”
    • 16.15 Teambuilding and innovation exercises with Hyper Island
    • 17.15 Using Minecraft to recreate historic and cultural assets
    • 18.00 Buses to the hotels
    • 19.00 A night at the Naval Museum - banquet
  • Thursday, September 26

    Location: Skeppsbrokajen 4

    • 09.00 Good morning and recap from yesterday
    • 09.30 Anneli Börjesson, UNA Sweden
    • 10.00 Management Plans & Periodic Reviews - best practice
    • 11.00 Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit: next steps
    • 12.00 Closing Speech by Mayor Sandra Bizzozero. Bus to the Residency
    • 12.30 Luncheon at the Residency of the Governor of Blekinge
    • 13.30 Closing of Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit 2019


Free of charge

The conference is free of charge. Included is the conference activities, transportation to Blekinge Institute of Technology on day 2, three lunches and the banquet. Not included is accommodation, breakfast, travel to and from Karlskrona and dinner on day 1.

We kindly ask you to register only when you are certain that you will participate, as the number of seats is limited.

Project Management

Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit has been created within the framework of the Interreg South Baltic project DUNC - Development of UNESCO Natural & Cultural assets. The summit and DUNC are created by a team led by project manager Niklas Carlsson.

If you have any questions regarding the summit, please contact the project manager:

Email: niklas.carlsson@karlskrona.se
Phone: +46 455 32 15 24